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  • Our Preschool/Pre-K curriculum helps children achieve school readiness in all areas of academic and social learning.

    Enthusiastic teaching allows children to refine and expand their skills and knowledge set. Through intentional teaching practices, purposefully-designed learning environments, and enriched activities, teachers ensure preschoolers have joyful, appropriate, and meaningful learning experiences that lead to success in school and in life.

    The Creative Curriculum: for Preschool & Pre-K curriculum aligns preschool program goals and practices with families’ expectations of educational excellence, helping young learners grow into confident students.

    Learning centers for math, science, dramatic play, music, creative art and computers provide opportunities to balance both shared and independent learning experiences. Visits (to) local museums and parks and (from) community helpers supplement classroom learning within the broader context.

    Our Preschool/Pre-K Program offers the perfect backdrop for educational success and flourishing students. Preschoolers are introduced to cognitive skills, sequencing, matching, social, diversity, language arts, storytelling, writing, and more so as to the stage for self confidence by encouraging progress at a child’s own pace, according to individual needs and abilities.

    Teacher Classrooms:


    Busy Bees:

    The best way to tell if a classroom is properly managed is to see if the students are happy.



    In our class, we think it is good to start a child’s education with the proper attitude.



    The simple act of making personal, no-strings-attached connections through shared smiles and sweet laughter brings contagious joy to our classroom.